CLENOMED 40 (Clenbuterol)



Clenbuterol 40mcg/tab





1 Box of 2x 25 Tablets, 40mcg per Tablet





Clenbuterol HCL is not an anabolic steroid. That is rather a stimulant that belongs to a classification of compounds known as sympathomimetics. CLENOMED 40 deliver the steroid-like effects and is most commonly utilized in fat loss, muscle gain, cutting, and pre-contest cycles.




CLENOMED 40 cycles can be run solitarily or stacked with other compounds. Doesn’t matter whether or not CLENOMED 40 is run alone or combined, that does not change how Clenbuterol HCL cycles are run. CLENOMED 40 is either used in the 2 weeks on / 2 weeks off protocol (or for 8 constant weeks with the use of Ketotifen every second week).


It is recommended not to use CLENOMED 40 for more than 12 weeks to ensure the body’s cardiovascular and other systems receive an adequate rest from the compound.

To achieve any significant amount of fat loss, the maximum CLENOMED 40 dosage should be up to 120mcg per day. Female users may be able to only tolerate less, in the range of 80 – 100mcg per day. No matter what gender, both male and female users, must be slowly titrated (or ‘ramped up’) to the peak dosages mentioned.

Recommended initial starting dosage should be 40mcg of CLENOMED 40 for the first 3 days, and on the 4th day of the cycle, the Clenbuterol HCL dosage is increased by another 20mcg (now for a total of 60mcg per day), and 3 days later it is increased again, and so on and so forth.

Clenbuterol HCL exhibits a half-life of approximately 37 hours, meaning all CLENOMED 40 dosages should ideally be consumed at once in the morning. There is no particular requirement to spread the CLENOMED 40 dosages throughout the day, in fact, this would cause worse insomnia and sleep disturbances.


Store in a cool, dry place below 30°C. Protect from light. Do not freeze.


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